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Awards presented at Chamber’s annual luncheon

The Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce held its annual luncheon Feb. 9 at The Club.

City Director of Finance Steve Boone accepts his award of Employee of the Year. Photo by Madoline Markham.

City Manager Sam Gaston presented Director of Finance Steve Boone with the city Employee of the Year award, crediting Boone for the reason that the city has the best paid employees and the lowest bond rate.

Pleasant Grove Mayor Jerry Brasseale accepts a check from Mountain Brook Mayor Terry Oden. Photo by Madoline Markham.

Mayor Terry Oden presented Pleasant Grove Mayor Jerry Brasseale with a check for $1,000. The amount was from the proceeds of the Village2Village Run and was what Oden called a “down payment” called for the future funds they will raise to assist Pleasant Grove with its recovery efforts from the April 27, 2011 tornadoes. The Pleasant Grove donation was a part of Mountain Brook’s Spartans Helping Spartans campaign.

George Ladd was presented the John Jemison Award, and his grandson accept it on his behalf.

Greg King of luncheon sponsor Iberia Bank, Master of Ceremonies Mike Royer, Mayor Terry Oden, keynote speaker Don Logan, and outgoing Chamber of Commerce President Steven Hydinger

Former Time Inc. executive and current owner of the Birmingham Barons, BASS and Seek Publishing Don Logan spoke about his experiences and hopes for the new baseball park downtown.

Current and former Chamber of Commerce presidents gathered for a photo at the end of the luncheon.

For more information about the Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce, visit welcometomountainbrook.com.


Pleasant Grove restoration efforts include brick sale and more


Representatives from Mountain Brook and Pleasant Grove at the July 14 meeting. Back Row: Pleasant Grove council members Philip Houston and James (Pete) Mosley, Pleasant Grove Mayor Jerry Brasseale, Mayor Terry Oden, First Baptist Church Pastor Daven Watkins, Pleasant Grove council member William (Skeeter) Bullion, Pleasant Grove. City Clerk Karen Duncan. Front Row: Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce Project Manager Hannon Davidson, Pleasant Grove council members Paula Johnson and Terrie Hicks, Jefferson County Board of Education President Jennifer Parsons, Executive Director of Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce Suzan Doidge. Photo courtesy of the Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce.

On July 14, representatives from the city of Mountain Brook met with Pleasant Grove Mayor Jerry Brasseale and other representatives from Pleasant Grove to determine how the cities can unite to aid Pleasant Grove in long-term restoration efforts in the wake of the April 27 tornado.

“Pleasant Grove was very receptive,” Mayor Terry Oden said. “Our main mission was to see what they needed and not just do something to do something.”

For now, the city will be raising money to help with Pleasant Grove’s long-term needs. “I hope that when we start the process that the people in Mountain Brook will be generous,” Oden said. Continue reading

Spartans helping Spartans


A task force has chosen to focus city-wide tornado relief efforts on Pleasant Grove, whose high school mascot is also a Spartan. This formal Spartans Helping Spartans effort will build on grassroots efforts initiated throughout Mountain Brook.

After sending crews to the area two days after the tornado, Mountain Brook Baptist Church has partnered with Bethel Baptist Church in Pleasant Grove. Mountain Brook Baptist is collecting donations in their gym indefinitely. The only item not recommended for donation is clothing. Other Mountain Brook churches have sent donations and work crews to this area along with others including Cullman, Pratt City, Hayden and Concord.

The Emmet O’Neal Library has also worked closely to help Pleasant Grove through its library. ”I don’t operate a chainsaw, but I can shelve books” Emmet O’Neal Library Director Sue DeBrecht said. “We are glad to do what we can and give their staff some relief.” Continue reading