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A life of living history: WWII Artist Nathan Glick

Crestline resident Nathan Glick was an artist during World War II. Photo by Christiana Roussel.


The walls of the Glick home are like a fine art gallery.  One wall contains watercolors of places Nathan Glick was stationed: England, Egypt, North Africa, Romania, India and Italy. Another wall contains vivid paintings he completed after each family vacation with his wife, Esther, and their two daughters, Stephanie and Roseanne. His style is evident in each; one has to look at the dates to know they vary in age by decades.

Only a few months shy of turning 100 years old, Glick still paints.
Born in Leeds, Ala. in 1912, Glick had a natural affinity for art and illustration that he developed and refined through traditional schooling and real life experiences. As a boy, he used these gifts to create drawings from the stories his mother read to him, illustrations that would find their way to the Children’s Page of The Birmingham News when he was only six years old. Continue reading