Restaurant Showcase

Another Broken Egg

Another Broken Egg in Mountain Brook Village

2418 Montevallo Road

Open Everyday

6:30 a.m.- 2 p.m.


By Lauren Nix

Another Broken Egg brings a casual French country atmosphere and a delicious menu to Mountain Brook Village.

The restaurant, which began in Destin, Fla., opened last October and serves unique breakfast, brunch and lunch selections seven days a week.

The owners, brother and sister Miller and Ashley Phillips, grew up in the restaurant business having parents who owned The Flamingo Café in Destin and knew they would follow in their parent’s footsteps.

After deciding he wanted to open Another Broken Egg in Birmingham, Miller Phillips began looking for the right place and decided on Mountain Brook.

“I knew that people from Mountain Brook and this area go to Destin and they would know about [Another Broken Egg],” he said.

The restaurant, located at 2418 Montevallo Road, perfectly complements the French country theme with large vaulted windows and a quaint patio.  Phillips said customers really love the patio this time of year and being able to bring their pets.

The only negative aspect of the location to Phillips is getting people from outside the Mountain Brook area to realize it is not difficult to find.

The location offers ample parking, however, and is very easily accessible from Highway 280.

Another Broken Egg’s menu is full of delicious selections including a variety of omelets, benedicts, burgers and fosters.

Phillips says one of the most popular menu items is the Eggs Blackstone which is an English muffin topped with grilled tomatoes, two medium poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce and bacon.   The Bananas Foster is another crowd favorite.

All menu items are available at any time and all food is cooked to order.

“You can get a hamburger at 7 in the morning or a pancake at 2,” Phillips said.

The restaurant offers a new special, a new soup and a new quiche each week to give regular customers some variety.

The shrimp and grits special gives a unique spin to the classic dish with panko crusted grits served over a Cajun cream sauce with fresh, blackened shrimp surrounding the plate.  This dish is sure to please.

Another Broken Egg has a private dining room which is popular for baby and bridal showers, as well as business meetings.  The room can seat approximately 30 people.

The weekend crowd is large at the restaurant, but Phillips says he has been working with his staff to serve customers as efficiently as possible while still allowing people to enjoy their experience.

“I want them to have an experience, and I don’t want them to feel like we’re just trying to get them in and get them out,” he said.

Many of the menu items include fresh seafood, which brings another unique aspect to the breakfast offerings.

Another Broken Egg is very family oriented and every child who visits receives a balloon.

“I intend for it to be family-oriented with this French country feel,” Phillips said.

Visit Another Broken Egg for fresh and delicious food in a friendly environment.

Daniel George

Chefs Daniel Briggs & George McMillan of Daniel George


2837 Culver Road

If you haven’t been to Daniel George lately, then you have been missing out on one of the finest restaurants in the villages.

I had the pleasure of eating lunch there recently along with my friend and lover of all things food, Christiana Roussel.  We truly enjoyed everything about the experience.

To begin with, the staff at Daniel George makes a point of making everyone feel welcome.  They are friendly and very helpful.  They offer great advice and are extremely knowledgeable about the menu.  They have menu meetings everyday and are happy to make recommendations of food and wine to suit your every craving.

The restaurant, which is owned by Chefs Daniel Briggs and George McMillan, both of Mountain Brook, boasts a pleasant and light atmosphere for lunch.  Lovely paintings and fresh flowers add to the ambience of the rooms.

According to Pastry Chef Brent Seamon, the restaurant really focuses on making amazing dishes from what local farmers, such as Al’s Hollow Farm, offer and incorporating the best of what is in season.

I can assure you that this approach is working well for them.  Every bite we had was out of this world!  To begin with, we decided to try the Roasted Pepper Soup and the Cornmeal Crusted Shrimp.  The soup was delicious with fresh avocado and green onion floating in a dollop of crème freshe.  The flavor was wonderful!

When you go, you must not pass up the Cornmeal Shrimp. We both could have ordered another it was so delicious.  The shrimp is very lightly battered and served on top of a wonderful cayenne remoulade with mardi gras slaw accompanying the dish.  It was a great balance of textures with the tangy slaw, creamy remoulade and the wonderful shrimp.

For our entrees, as hard as it was to decide, Christiana had the Pappardelle Bolognese, which was a wonderful combination of ground veal, beef, pancetta, tomatoes, basil and parmesan served with the homemade pappardelle pasta- ribbon like lasagna noodles.  She loved the combination of flavors from the meats and the rich, rustic sauce.  It was a great choice!

I had the Chicken Picatta.  At dinner, a staple of their menu is the Veal Picatta.  I have heard great things about that dish, so I decided to try the chicken version.  It did not disappoint.  It was lightly battered, with the chicken tender and flavorful.  Capers and a wonderful meuniere sauce added some tanginess to the dish that made it irresistible.  It was served over some delicious brocollini and roasted fingerling potatoes.

Entrees at lunch run from $12 dollars for sandwiches and salads, with heavier dishes like ours at $13.

Make sure you save room for dessert!  It is not to be missed.  Chef Seamon makes some wonderful creations.  We had the flourless chocolate torte.  If you love chocolate, this dessert is for you.  It was a wonderful, dense, rich creation with a dollop of cream and fresh raspberries.    Other desserts that he recommends are the banana bread pudding or the bittersweet marquee- which is a mouse type of cake- served with balsamic ice cream.  The best seller at dinner is the warm chocolate lava cake.

Speaking of dinner, Daniel George offers a variety of amazing dishes.  Although the menu changes daily in order to incorporate what is in season, the filet of beef is always on the menu, and you can count on an offering of poultry, seafood, and fowl prepared in unique and delicious ways to tempt you.

One thing you can count on, is a lovely atmosphere and an amazing meal close to home.

Daniel George is open for lunch Monday through Friday 11 a.m. until 2 pm.  They serve dinner Monday through Saturday.

Crestline Seafood Co.

63 Church St.


Crestline Seafood Company, located on Church Street in the heart of Crestline Village, offers a fresh seafood market, as well as a delicious lunch and dinner menu.

Owner Chad Adams knew he wanted to bring fresh seafood to Mountain Brook and seized the opportunity when the space became available.

Starting out as only a market, Crestline Seafood Company has blossomed into a booming restaurant and the most convenient place for Mountain Brook residents to purchase fresh fish.

“Primarily we sell fresh Gulf fish, Gulf shrimp, those types of items,” Adams said.

Menu items include fresh soups and salads, a variety of sandwiches, jumbo lump crab cakes and shrimp ‘n grits.  Diners can also choose a fresh fish selection from the display case which will be grilled and served with two sides of their choice.

“The grilled fish is really catching on because people appreciate the fact that they get to see the fish they’re about to eat.  We cut it right here out of our fresh case and we take it to the grill,” Adams said.

Other popular menu items include crab cakes and the shrimp po-boy.

The restaurant/market has faced hard times due to the Gulf crisis, however.  Adams says many customers are worried about the safety of Gulf fish and not interested in eating it.

“June and July were awful.  I had people come in and see that we primarily sell Gulf fish and salmon and literally walk out the door,” he said.

Because of the crisis, Adams has been offering a fresh fish selection that is not from the Gulf for customers who are still unsure of the safety.

“I think my customers still prefer Gulf fish, but I do have some that are worried about the safety of the fish in the Gulf,” Adams said.

Adams said all of the feedback he’s been receiving about the safety of seafood in the Gulf assures him that all of the fish is safe and free of dispersants.

“I would have to say the fish is safer than it’s ever been because of all the scrutiny that’s been put on it,” he said.

Adams also believes people should be aware of the fact that BP is not doing all that they could in assisting those impacted by the oil spill.

“We were impacted significantly by this Gulf crisis this summer, no question about it, and all this stuff about BP doing their part is untrue,” he said.  “They are not assisting people who are impacted by the Gulf.  They’re assisting some, but they’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing.”

Adams is doing his part, however, in providing fresh and healthy seafood to his customers.

He said his goal for the restaurant is to “bring the beach to Crestline” and provide residents with a laid-back atmosphere where they can relax and enjoy their meal.

“We want it to be a place where people who come in here feel they’re at any place that they would find at the beach,” Adams said.

Crestline Seafood Company also offers affordable prices on a large selection of wine.

The kids menu makes the restaurant a great spot for family meals.

“We’re very kid-friendly,” Adams said.

Adams says they will be adding a bar sometime after Labor Day and they will begin serving brunch in the fall.

For fresh seafood selections visit Crestline Seafood Company at 63 Church Street or give them a call at 637-7460.

Tracy’s Restaurant

75 Church Street

Crestline Village


Monday thru Thursday

Lunch 11-2 and dinner 5-8

Friday 11-2, Saturday 7-11, Sunday 11-2

Home cooking-close to home

Are you in the mood for a great southern meal? Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner? Then head on down to Tracy’s in Crestline Village.

Established in 1974 by Jimmy Tracy, the restaurant has been located in several different spots around Birmingham. Tracy’s began as a hot dog stand in the Lakeview District of Birmingham. After a few years he then opened Tracy’s as a restaurant at UAB in the townhouse building. It originally started as a sandwich place but then grew to include southern food. As Tracy says, “Customers have motivated me to change my menu – I like to give them what they want.”

And this is certainly something he is capable of doing. He attended Chef School at Jeff State and while he still cooks a little, he really enjoys being able to dabble in all aspects of the restaurant business. Tracy’s has been in the Crestline location for three and half years.  Tracy enjoys being in the Mountain Brook community. “Crestline is a great neighborhood coming from where I was downtown,” said Tracy.

Tracy’s offers lunch and dinner Monday thru Thursday, and lunch on Friday and Sundays. On Saturday’s, Tracy’s is a popular spot for breakfast. With biscuits, pancakes, French toast, eggs and sandwiches, you have one great beginning to your day!

As for every other day, you will find delicious fresh entrees, vegetables, salads, and sandwiches on the menu. The entrees are changed everyday as well as the seasonal vegetables. Some entrees that he offers are Salmon Croquettes, Spaghetti, Smoked Sausage & Peppers, Hamburger Steak and numerous others. If you are choosing to do the meat of the day you have the option of one, two, or three vegetables. These range from Fried Green Tomatoes, Cucumber Salad, Baked Apples, Mashed potatoes, and Mr. Tracy’s personal favorite, squash casserole.

Tracy’s stays true to his roots and still offers hamburgers, cheeseburgers, turkey, chicken salad and fried green tomato BLT sandwiches. And he also offers a Greek or a grilled chicken salad. If you’re in the mood for dessert, don’t worry, he can whip you up a chocolate or vanilla milkshake or malt!

As I sat down for lunch with my publisher, Dan Starnes, I was struggling with what to order. There were so many things that sounded good and I’ve always been an indecisive person when it comes to ordering at restaurants. I finally decided to get the veggie burger (I’m on a health kick) and let me tell you I was not disappointed. I can say it was one of the best veggie burgers I have had in a long time. It was thick and juicy and in one bite I could taste a variety of delicious vegetables on a grilled burger bun. I savored every bite of this sandwich, who knew eating healthy could be so yummy?

Dan decided to do the meat and two vegetable option, and he was also very impressed. He had the Greek baked chicken with macaroni & cheese and collard greens. He said the chicken was baked to the right temperature and the perfect amount of Greek seasonings. The macaroni and cheese was just cheesy enough and the collard greens were just like any true Southerner would love. I can definitely say there was not much talking during this meal!

Tracy’s is an excellent place to stop when you need a quick to-go healthy meal at a reasonable price. “At Tracy’s we try to provide as much fresh food, reasonable prices and be as friendly as we can be,” said Tracy.

And never fear Mountain Brook, you can take Tracy’s home with you! In the cooler in the front of the store you can find frozen entrees of squash and broccoli casserole, macaroni and cheese and cornbread dressing. So you can eat at Tracy’s or get a meal for later!

July 2010

Maki Fresh & Yogurt Mountain

a great combination


Maki Fresh

Maki Fresh  






Yogurt Mountain

Yogurt Mountain


Cahaba Village Plaza

As I sat down at Maki Fresh, Dan, the publisher, looked at me and nicely said, “Just the facts. Less fluff; more facts.” With that in mind, I must tell you that the Seared Ahi Tuna brown rice Maki bowl was absolutely exquisite.

Maki Fresh

When he first suggested, less fluff, I was sitting and eating my Edamame. I thought to myself, “I can do this; it should be relatively easy to get to the facts at a Japanese Grill; how special can a dinner here really be?” So, I pondered over the Edamame and started writing my piece in my head. I was going to express that the Edamame was fresh and crisp and a wonderful beginning to a meal.

Shortly after, an art piece was placed in front of me. I had never seen anything like it. I suddenly was presented with a brown rice bowl decorated with an array of colors. The greens and yellows and reds distracted me from the fact that this was my dinner. The rice was covered with golden raisins, cucumbers, sliced avocados, and slices of Tuna. The taste was as magnificent as the appearance. I couldn’t believe that this masterpiece was less than $10.

Maki Fresh also offers a variety of sushi rolls. This evening Dan chose the Crunch Crunch and the Spicy Tuna. The sushi rolls were great. But to be honest, I know that from him and from past visits. This time, I didn’t eat any of his sushi because I had no desire to share my Maki bowl.

Now for facts… As we were sitting and eating dinner, I couldn’t help but stare at some of the selections that were being delivered around us. The table behind us had a cup filled with something fried. We stopped the waiter because we just had to know what they were eating. They had ordered fried green beans. The waiter explained that they weren’t on the menu, but they could be prepared upon request. The girl to the left of us had ordered a Maki salmon sandwich that looked like it would be a definite must on a future visit.

Yogurt Mountain

After our dinner, we walked across the parking lot to visit Yogurt Mountain. In Yogurt Mountain, the right side of the wall is filled with a row of various frozen yogurt flavors. The left wall is filled with all of the toppings: candies, cereals, syrups, nuts, fruits, granola…If you can imagine it, they probably have it.

So, here’s how it works, you choose your yogurt flavor or flavors, fill your cup with as much as you would like and then circle around to the toppings. Choose your pleasure; you can make it sinfully decadent or as low fat as possible; make it big or make it small… just know that you weigh and pay at the end.

Dan chose sinful with an assortment of chocolate candies and chocolate syrups topping his vanilla yogurt. It tasted wonderful. I chose to explore the rich array of yogurt flavors and avoid the toppings all together. In my cup, I made little hills of different yogurts and carefully spread them in the cup with precision and purpose. I tried the blueberry, pomegranate, green apple, cheesecake, and banana pudding.

Overall, a great night at Cahaba Village Plaza!

Oops! Do you think Dan will think that I missed the boat and don’t understand about facts? Well, here are some facts for the reader. Maki Fresh was opened by John Cassimus, who is the head of the Zoe Kitchen chain and the chic sushi restaurant, Jinsei. The restaurant opened in October 2008 and serves sushi, salads, rice bowls, and mini sandwiches. And, Yogurt Mountain… Yogurt Mountain is a franchise, but we are glad that it finally made it to Birmingham!

June 2010

Bambinelli’s Café Italiano


Bambinelli's Café Italiano

2301 Cahaba Road

Mountain Brook, AL 35213


Warning! Please save plenty of room in your stomach for a large, delightful meal at Bambinelli’s in English Village. Bambinelli’s is the family owned and operated sister restaurant to Salvatore’s Pizza and Pasta, which is located in Hoover and Inverness. The family’s 25 years of service to the Birmingham area are evident in every bite.

Bambinelli’s promotes a family atmosphere and welcomes all children, even those furry creatures with four legs. The patio makes a wonderful hangout for those with paws and their owners. But, make sure you look cute because the owners love to take pictures of their patrons with their pets. You may very well find your picture on the wall at your next visit.

The dining experience itself was superb and worth discussing. I must, however, write this review backwards because the cheesecake was anything but typical. The desserts are made at the restaurant, and they are obviously made with the love of a grandmother. The cheesecake was light and fluffy with a fresh cream sauce dripping from the top down the sides. The crust was just buttery enough to bond the crumbs together and just fresh enough to crumble perfectly. My friend had the chocolate shell cannoli, which also received rave reviews; but I spent more time guarding my cheesecake from wandering forks at the table than worrying about the experience of the others.

The meal itself was great, but I am glad that we ordered some to-go boxes and saved room for dessert. Had I eaten, everything on my plate, I would have not only missed dessert, but I may have been unable to breath. At the table, we ordered three entrees: Italian sausage, peppers, and onions parmigiana, Meatballs with angel hair pasta, and Shrimp scampi over angel hair pasta. Everybody raved about their choices. The meal had very little conversation because everyone was much more concerned with the mounds of great food than the company at the table.

The parmigiana had a mixture of green peppers, onions, sausage and marinara sauce all smothered and baked with cheese. The thick cheese

Great Patio

surrounding every bite made for an absolutely delightful meal. To the side of this baked magnificence was angel hair pasta with marinara. Once I had that slightly decorated with freshly grated parmesan cheese, I mixed many of my bites with the pasta and was anything but disappointed. I may have found this to be so wonderful and seem so fresh because of the owners’ use of local farm fresh organic ingredients in their dishes.

Bambinelli’s professes to have one of the South’s best wine lists, and their website is currently advertising “wine down summer,” in which all bottles of wine are ½ off every day. With wonderful appetizers such as the stuffed mushrooms and the mozzarella caprese salad, a great wine selection with less than retail prices, and the relaxed environment, Bambinelli’s will make a fantastic place to relax after a hectic day at work.

Grab your family and your friends and head to English Village for a great, big plate of Italian food that won’t break the bank. Bambinelli’s is definitely a lot of bang for your buck.

May 2010

Avo | Dram

view our menu……



Avo | Dram

2721 Cahaba Rd.

Mountain Brook Village



Tom Sheffer, owner of Avo and Dram had a moment of brilliance when he decided that  patrons could order from either menu. I remember when the restaurants first opened, someone explained, “Dram is a whiskey bar with food and Avo is a fine dining restaurant.” Neither description gave a fair description of the culinary excellence that takes place at each restaurant. To fairly write the review, I figured that I should make a minimum of two trips this month—one to experience the downstairs and one to better understand the ambiance of the upstairs dining. But, anyone who has eaten at either restaurant really knows that I was working to justify two dinners out at the same restaurant in the heart of Mt. Brook village.


view from the street


While at Dram, we mixed and matched from both menus. We began with the avocado appetizer from Avo’s starter menu, which was a perfectly fresh avocado blended with picco de gallo. For my meal, I ordered the Inside-Out burger with sour mashed sweet potatoes. The inside-out burger is  stuffed with Kentucky Barren County blue cheese. The bread is not your typical bun but has a lightweight freshness about it, which makes the burger less heavy. When I bit into the burger, the way that the cheese oozed from the inside and moistened the bread and the burger gave a special delight to my taste buds. My friend ordered a California burger from Avo, which is topped with blue cheese and prosciutto and served with the matchstick fries. The fries were the type that won’t just let you have one or two. I found myself constantly on his plate looking for another bite. The night ended with the tarte tatin, which was a house-made puffed pastry stuffed with apples and topped with ginger-white chocolate ice cream.

For the second meal, we made reservations at Avo and decided to order completely from Avo’s menu. We decided to order in a way that would order in a manner that gave us the most exposure in one sitting. I insisted that we eat out on the upstairs balcony because the evening was a perfect spring evening in the village with a perfect temperature and people walking throughout the village, visiting Starbuck’s and the Mt. Brook Creamery.



We began our meal again with the avocado appetizer from the starter menu. I know that some of you may be questioning this decision since I had already experienced this luxury in the first visit. But, I could not resist. The homemade pita-style fried chips with the fresh avocado spread were beckoning me from the kitchen. The fresh oysters looked great, but I had to have some more avocado dip. I can tell you that when we arrived, we stopped and conversed with a couple of friends eating on Dram’s front porch, who were enjoying cocktails and oysters, and they were very happy with their appetizer choice. Next, we ordered the chicken-fried lobster and the crepes saigonnaise from the “mids” section of the menu. The crepes were filled with shrimp, squid, scallions, and sprouts and topped with a tomato-jalapeño chutney. The chicken-fried lobster was a couple of strips of lobster that were battered and cooked like grandma’s fried chicken. Scrumptious is the only word that I can currently think of to appropriately describe this starter.




view from the patio

Because we began with three starters, we decided to share the prime tenderloin of beef, medium rare. The meat melted in my mouth. As if the mouthwatering steak was not enough, this entrée included a truffled goat-cheese twice-baked potato and haricots verts. I love good carbs, despite what the trainer may say. But, honestly, I would break any carb-counting diet for another bite of that twice-baked potato. As I finished my meal before my friend, he stated, “I am glad that they split the steak for us in the kitchen,” understanding that I would have been taking more than my share had we been sharing on the same plate. We ended our evening with a French press of decaffeinated coffee and two desserts: the carrot cake and the cheesecake pancakes. The cheesecake pancakes were unique and were a bit more like pancakes than cheesecake. I guess for me, this delightful dessert was like miniature pancakes blended with cheesecake filling. I ordered the carrot cake, which was obviously extremely moist and made with fresh carrots. As the desserts were coming to an end and my friend reached for a last bite of the carrot cake, I found myself glaring at him until he halved the size of the bite that he was about to take. I needed to ensure that I had enough left to complete my dining experience.




Don’t forget—Before you go, you should make sure to become a fan of Avo and Dram on Facebook. They regularly post great menu additions and, once in a while, even throw in a special offer for their facebook fans.



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