To submit articles, events or photographs,  please contact Jennifer Gray at or Madoline Markham at

For advertising inquiries, please contact Dan Starnes at 205-370-0732, or by e-mail at


5 responses to “Contact

  1. I have loved all of the issues that I have received…

    I realized another great benefit of your elementary school coverage…my soon to be 4th grader (who was pictured) is now reading the paper! She loves looking for articles of interest, finding people she knows and reading aloud (whether anyone is interested in listening or not) all of the Village happenings. Many thanks for your great content and coverage!

  2. Thanks for mailing Village Living – it’s informative and I don’t have soggy newspaper all over my front yard.

  3. NO!!!!! Walmart on Montclair Rd.

  4. The LAST thing we need on Montclair is another WalMart. For anyone who wants to buy the junk they sell, they can just go a mile down the road. I cannot imagine that Arlington Properties would consider building “upscale” apartments next to a WalMart. Who do they think would rent them? One more reason to NEVER shop at a WalMart.

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