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Spartans prove age is just a number: Lady Spartans Basketball


Collier Ogilvie dribbles past a Spain Park defender as Kaki Simpson looks on. Photo courtesy of Image Arts.

On paper, the Lady Spartans are young. Kaki Simpson is the only senior, and sophomores form the majority. But many of the sophomores have played on the varsity team for two to three years, so really the team has just as much experience as anyone else, even if they are younger according to the calendar. The team’s record is 18-6.

Sophomores Mary Katherine Pinson and Collier Ogilvie and junior Ellie Mouyal usually trade places as leading scorers, with at least one hitting 15 or 20 points every game. Mary Katherine scored 39 points against Vestavia in January to break the record for the most points scored in a game.

Head coach Mark Cornelius also said that Simpson, who was named the captain of the team, is a leader: “Kaki does a great job of keeping our team a group and is someone Continue reading


Vlachos proves Saban wrong


Alabama center and Mountain Brook graduate William Vlachos directs the Crimson Tide’s offensive line. Photo courtesy of University of Alabama Football.

Nick Saban was furious. As he paced the Vlachos’ living room, Saban mulled over his situation. He had been hired to coach a disgraced Alabama team back to glory, and he had a specific “process” in mind.

And William Vlachos, Saban determined, had no part in it. Saban spoke of grayshirting the 6-foot, one-inch, 294-pound center, whom Mike Shula had recruited but Saban thought was too small.

“To be honest, Saban didn’t want him,” Mountain Brook High School football coach Chris Yeager said. “He wanted to figure out a way to get rid of him. When Saban came to visit William at his house, I felt like he really tried to get him to decommit because of his size.”

Of course, that was then. This is now. Continue reading

Cross country teams win state


Cross country team members Taylor Jetmundsen, Andrew Leeds, Paul Styslinger, and Patrick Wilder pose with their state championship trophy. This was the fourth state title in a row for the boys and the ninth for the girls. Photo courtesy of Image Arts.

Another year, another title. For the senior runners on the Mountain Brook cross country team, winning the state championship is nothing new. The seniors, with some help from underclassmen, capped off their high school careers without having lost a state title. The boys won their fourth in a row, while the girls won their astounding ninth state championship in a row.

The boys came into the season looking for leadership after a strong senior class led by Jack Morgan graduated. As it turned out, there were plenty of runners waiting in the wings for their time in the spotlight. Junior Payton Ballard assumed the position of lead runner, with Nick Halbach, Jack Monaghan and Andrew Fix just behind. After a successful season that included wins across the state and the country, the varsity boys went into state thinking about closing in on their fourth straight ring.

“Our strategy for the race was just to push it, get out in front and catch up to the next fastest guy in front of you,” senior Brooks Kimberly said. Kimberly was called up to race at state at the last minute on Thursday night before the Saturday morning race. “We just wanted to break the other teams’ will, and I think we did that pretty well.”
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There’s no crying in football


Evelyn Football

Evelyn King with her coach and teammate at a Crestline football game. Photo courtesy of Langston Hereford.

Most girls go through a tomboy phase at some point in their lives, but for Evelyn King, the no-nonsense attitude was not just a phase. Evelyn, a third grader at Crestline Elementary, is no stranger to playing organized sports, including youth football. Prior to joining the football team, she had played soccer, softball, and basketball.

Evelyn viewed football just like any other sport. Why would it be considered out of the ordinary for her to play football? She had no specific agendas when joining the team, she had no point to prove, she simply loved the sport.

“I just love football,” she said. “My older brother has played, and I just wanted to try it.”

Evelyn did not show the slightest bit of concern for being the only girl on the team. When asked if she felt comfortable being the only girl on the team, she responded with a simple shrug, grin, and an “I don’t really care.” Evelyn recounts her favorite memory of playing football as she described scoring a touchdown. To a lot of people, this proved that Evelyn did not need any special attention or accommodations. Continue reading

Mountain Brook 17, Hoover 9: A community win


Hoover-Mountain Brook Game

Spartan’s receiver Coates Doss runs the ball for a gain. Photo courtesy of Image Arts.

Conventional wisdom usually holds true in high school football. For the most part, the teams that are traditionally good are good, and the teams that either don’t have the athletes or don’t have the resources are at the bottom. So going into the Hoover vs. Mountain Brook game, conventional wisdom said that Hoover would win, like they had for the last 26 years.

Mountain Brook’s players and fans took that conventional wisdom and stomped on it that Friday night in Spartan Stadium, beating the Bucs 17-9 in one of the most memorable nights in recent memory.

“It was incredible; one of the best nights of my life,” said senior cornerback Hilyer Isbell, who sealed the win with an interception on the final play. “It was like everything we had dreamed of since we were young and everything that we have worked for finally paid off.” Continue reading

Auburn and Alabama football season previews


We sat down in the studio with WJOX’s Jay Barker and Al DelGreco to talk about the upcoming football season. You can hear their show weekday mornings from 6 to 10 a.m.

Auburn Tigers

Al DelGreco

What do you think about Barrett Trotter being selected as the starter?
It was a logical choice. He had more game experience and seems to know the offense pretty well. And Gus Malzahn has proven that he knows what it takes to be a successful quarterback, so I am ready to back him up with whatever he decides. Continue reading

Football team not satisfied with semifinals


Senior Edward Aldag returns at quarterback for the Spartans, who will try to improve on a deep playoff run in 2010. Photo courtesy of Image Arts.

The 2011 high school football season is upon us. After a deep playoff run last year, the Mountain Brook Varsity Football Team is preparing to build on their success. The Spartans have to rebuild on defense but have nine returning starters on the other side of the ball.

“It’s hard to make it to where we got last year,” said Head Coach Chris Yeager, who has been with the program for 13 years. “This year’s team doesn’t need to be satisfied with that. They need to want to get to another level. Human nature is to gravitate to mediocrity, so these guys need to avoid that.” Continue reading