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There’s no crying in football


Evelyn Football

Evelyn King with her coach and teammate at a Crestline football game. Photo courtesy of Langston Hereford.

Most girls go through a tomboy phase at some point in their lives, but for Evelyn King, the no-nonsense attitude was not just a phase. Evelyn, a third grader at Crestline Elementary, is no stranger to playing organized sports, including youth football. Prior to joining the football team, she had played soccer, softball, and basketball.

Evelyn viewed football just like any other sport. Why would it be considered out of the ordinary for her to play football? She had no specific agendas when joining the team, she had no point to prove, she simply loved the sport.

“I just love football,” she said. “My older brother has played, and I just wanted to try it.”

Evelyn did not show the slightest bit of concern for being the only girl on the team. When asked if she felt comfortable being the only girl on the team, she responded with a simple shrug, grin, and an “I don’t really care.” Evelyn recounts her favorite memory of playing football as she described scoring a touchdown. To a lot of people, this proved that Evelyn did not need any special attention or accommodations. Continue reading


Preschool Partners empowers parents and children


Preschool Partners

PreSchool Partners teacher and Mountain Brook resident Loretta Keller with some of her students. Photo courtesy of PreSchool Partners.

In 1995 a group of Birmingham City Schools volunteer tutors from Mountain Brook realized a problem:  The children they were tutoring were lacking the essential skills necessary for success.  Wanting to give children a head start on a successful life, volunteers Bill Black and Jeannette Hancock created PreSchool Partners, a special preschool for at-risk children.  The program targets children from the Norwood and Whatley communities and has always been supported by many in the Mountain Brook community.

“The most rewarding part of working at PreSchool Partners is that I feel like I am making a difference,” said teacher and Mountain Brook resident Angel Garrett. “We test the children at the very beginning of the school year and then again at the end.  It is just amazing to see the progress they make.”

PreSchool Partners works to equip 70 children, ages three and four, each year with the skills necessary to begin kindergarten. In addition to teaching reading, numbers, shapes and colors, the program also focuses on general behavior, computer skills, music, art and dance. Continue reading

Student film set in Crestline debuts at Sidewalk Festival


Film Camp

Film camp students shoot a scene at Sugar Candy Shop in Crestline. Photo courtesy of Joy Gavel.

Eight students participating in a hands-on film camp this summer debuted a short film, “The Brockwell Incident,” at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival in downtown Birmingham in August.

All of the film was shot in Crestline, including landmarks such as the Clock tower, Church Street Coffee and Books and Sugar. The real-world concept of asking permission at the different locations of their filming taught the students responsibility and patience for scheduling and to expect setbacks. The students filmed for four days during the two-week camp, shooting more than one hour of footage they meticulously shed to a 9-minute short film. Continue reading

Cooking for a cause


Cherokee Bend Cooking Club

Cherokee Bend Cooking Club members Cate Jones, Marilyn Joyce, Elaine Russell, Lucy Bowling, Sarah Frances Berte, Kate Amberson, Ann Ross Bethea, Carson Robinette and Tessa Allen.

What do children, cooking and helping others have in common? The Cherokee Bend Cooking Club. The group is mostly made up of third grade girls out to make a difference one meal at a time. “The girls have been cooking throughout the school year for families who have had sick family members,” said Tracy Joyce, mother of club member Marilyn Joyce. “I am being taught what it means to give back to the community,” Marilyn said.

Several of the mothers in the group host the girls to prepare meals at their homes, rotating on a monthly basis. “I think most of us engage in charitable endeavors from time to time with our families, but we wanted more regularity to stress to our children the importance of service and sharing our gifts and talents with others, “said Ann Jones, mother of club member Cate Jones.
Continue reading

Summer Camps 2011

By Jennifer Gray

Summer days are quickly approaching.  Many of us have fond memories of summer camp — going off somewhere fun, making new friends, trying new activities like horseback riding or sailing.  Today many children don’t even have to leave Mountain Brook to have these unique experiences.  Week-long camps have become very popular.  It seems like almost every organization offers them.  Whatever your interests, there is a camp for you.

We have put together information on some of the most popular camps in our area to help you make your plans.

Zoo Camp
The Birmingham Zoo offers camps throughout the summer for children ages 4K through eighth grade.  Camps are either half day or whole day and offer children opportunities for special behind-the-scenes tours, up-close animal encounters, arts and crafts and other fun.  With the new Trails of Africa opening this spring, this is sure to be a popular camp!  For more information and to register online, visit Continue reading