Village Living is a monthly publication intended to strengthen your sense of community and help enhance your life here by bringing  you stories about events taking place, the issues that challenge us, and the amazing people and their stories  that make Mountain Brook the special and unique place that it is.  We want to celebrate the achievements of our citizens, the successes of our schools, and cover subjects that interest you. Since most of our staff lives here, and a few even grew up here, we have a real interest in our city and a love of its history.  In short, we want this newspaper to be your vehicle, your voice, and your bragging spot. Please contact us and let us know what you like about Village Living, what you would like to see next month, and any stories you think we should know about.

Our Staff

Dan Starnes

The Publisher- Dan Starnes is originally from Cedartown, Georgia. He moved to Mountain Brook in 2004 to work in the golf business. The realization that his golf game was too poor to make a profession of it and extraordinary luck got him into the publishing business. Dan attended the University of Georgia and is a big Bulldog fan. He also publishes 280 Living, a community newspaper serving the 280 corridor from Liberty Park to Chelsea. He can be reached at dan@villagelivingonline.com.

Jennifer Gray

The Editor-Jennifer Gray (formerly Jennifer Black) grew up in Mountain Brook, attending the schools, playing at the triangle park, and riding bikes to Gilchrist. After  graduating from Auburn University, she moved back to Mountain Brook. She and her husband live in Crestline with their two young children. Jennifer worked for several years in banking before becoming a full time mom.  She can be reached at Jennifer@villagelivingonline.com.

Keith McCoy

The Creative Director- Keith McCoy grew up in Starkville MS, and graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Graphic Design. He and his wife Erin, moved to Birmingham so she could attend grad school at UAB. Keith has been the Creative Director for 280 Living since June 2008, and has recently started a web design company, Chilly Water Design. Keith can be reached at  Keith@ChillyWaterDesign.com.

Kari Kampakis

Columnist- Kari Kubiszyn Kampakis grew up in Tuscaloosa. After graduating from the University of Alabama, she worked in PR at Alabama Power and later earned an MBA. Once active in children’s photography, Kari is currently working on a novel and pursuing her love of writing. She and her husband live in Mountain Brook with their four daughters.  She can be reached at kampakis@charter.net.

Will Hightower


The Sports Writer-Will Hightower is a sophomore at Mountain Brook High School who writes for the MBHS newspaper, Sword & Shield. He will serve as the sports editor for the Sword & Shield beginning  in the fall 2010 school year. Will runs track and cross country and is involved in the Interact community service club. He will be writing about athletics at the high school and community level for Village Living.



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