New Mountain Brook 1926 Fragrance


Mountain Brook 1926 Fragrance

A new fragrance honoring Mountain Brook is now available at Smith’s Variety in Mountain Brook VIllage.

Southernness Historic Candles created the scent by observing original drawings of Warren H. Manning rendered in 1926 for Robert Jemison as well as other elements of Mountain Brook.

“The fragrance is pure, clean and green capturing handpicked, indigenous botanicals like the willow, oak moss, mistletoe leaves and berries, and native hydrangea,” said Southernness founder Ben South. “The color of Mountain Brook-Original Green-1926 is a discreet, sophisticated sage green.”

To South, who moved to Mountain Brook in April of this year, creating a fragrance based on the area seemed natural. He immediately sensed Mountain Brook’s distinctive southernness, based on his trademarked “signs of being Southern”: tradition, family, heritage, hospitality, nature, passion and pleasure.


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