Teenager crafts her own Annie B. accessory line


Annie Bloomston with her Annie B. accessory line. Photo by Mia Bass.

When Annie Bloomston and her class were assigned a bat mitzvah community project in 2009, many volunteered their required time and considered the project done. But then 13-year-old Bloomston wanted to make a more lasting impression.

”If I could help people and do something I love at the same time, why wouldn’t I?” Annie said.

So Annie, now 15, created a jewelry and accessory line called Annie B. that benefits St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. Her mother, owner of Stacy Claire Boyd Stationery, grew up in Memphis, and St. Jude is a place close to her heart.  

From cute floral rings to ponytail holders garnished with a large patterned button, Annie is serious about creating accessories and jewelry for the business and about keeping her process a secret. “Only my mom, my sister and I know how to do it,” she said. Her friends beg to know, but she’s keeping her lips zipped.

“I have loved crafting since I was little,” Annie said. Because she had the advantage of starting her accessory-making at age 13, she’s been able to look back on her designs and alter them as she matures. Younger girls are able to appreciate the work Annie has done before while her peers are always excited to see what’s next.

“The guys got really into requesting Alabama and Auburn stuff,” Annie said. She enjoys doing custom orders, especially for those she knows well.

Annie revamped her line before heading back to school this fall as a tenth grader at Mountain Brook High School. Her newest items are bobby pin hairclips that feature yarn and beads in a flower design. Her favorite things to make are still her first item: pony-o’s. She is also looking to sell in more locations and she wants to expand her selection in Learning Express and A’Mano.


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