Player’s Choice: Business Spotlight


Player’s Choice Tennis owner Deborah Standifer in front of the store’s wide selection of racquets. Photo by Mia Bass.

With the reigning 6A Girls Tennis Champions and 6A Boys Tennis Runners-Up, it seems only fitting that Mountain Brook would be home to the only store in Alabama dedicated to tennis alone. Player’s Choice accommodates those who have recently taken up tennis as well as those who have been playing for years with a wide range of tennis gear.

Owner Deborah Standifer is constantly running to different sections of the store to assist customers. She started playing tennis as a kid for fun, and her dedication to the sport intensified after meeting and marrying her husband, Jack, a tennis coach. She is now a mom to three daughters; her 8 year old participates in tournaments nationwide.

Because Standifer has children herself, she noticed there were only a few places where children’s tennis clothes and racquets could be found. “There really wasn’t much out there for kids at all,” Standifer said. She is happy with the selection of children’s sporting goods she is able to offer the community. Player’s Choice has worked with local schools to order uniforms and has also sold uniforms to several ladies’ and men’s teams in the Birmingham area. Teams are also given a discount.

Of course, the store still offers all the items adults need to play tennis as well. “We’re the best racquet stringers in the business,” Standifer said. In addition to racquets and strings, Player’s Choice offers a wide variety of tennis shoes, bags, shirts, skirts and grips.

By coming into the store, customers can try things on and get professional opinions before taking an item home. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the store, Player’s Choice can order most anything and have it in the store within three to ten days. It’s also easy for Player’s Choice to deliver or ship items to customers nationwide.

Standifer bought Player’s Choice four years ago when they were still located near the Galleria off Lorna Road. She made the decision to move to Mountain Brook and opened the doors in Cahaba Village in December of last year. “We have more visibility from the road now,” Standifer said. That visibility has helped the store bring in people from as far away as Nashville who have said they just had to come in.

Standifer worked to renovate Highland Park Tennis Center a few years ago, and the center has become home to several tennis leagues. Player’s Choice also supports local tournaments including a men’s Pro Circuit Tournament in Birmingham from October 29 through November 8.

Player’s Choice
2800 Cahaba Village Plaza, Suite 180
Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.


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