Lane Parke plan moving forward

A revised plan for the 27-acre Lane Parke property in Mountain Brook Village is in the works. John Evans, whose family owns the property, said they chose to get Daniel Corporation on board with the project because of the company’s history of completing projects.

The previous plan for a Lane Parke development was approved in June 2010, but no further information on the project had been released since then.

“We have a history of developing legacy projects,” said Daniel Corporation Vice President of Development/Marketing Doug Neil, “and are excited for this partnership to create a vibrant, endearing project that serves the needs of the community.”

The revised plan will be a smaller version of what was approved last year. It will still have a mix of upscale retail and residential space and possibly an inn, but all details for the new plan are still under consideration.

“The plan we present will be very familiar looking, just smaller than before,” said Stephen Bradley, president of public affairs firm Stephen Bradley & Associates LLC. “The smaller size will take some pressure off the traffic and parking.”
The new plan will have to go before city council and through the approval processes again.

Daniel and the original team behind the Lane Parke plan will release more detailed plans in the coming months.

“We are studying where the project has been and what the future of the area will be,” said Daniel Corporation Chief Development Officer Patrick Henry.

Daniel has developed Greystone, Ross Bridge, the new Shops of Grand River outlet mall in Leeds and other projects that have been successfully financed. They believe that the Lane Parke project is financially viable.

All parties involved in the plan emphasize that they want to build a lasting space for the community and their children and grandchildren. Henry also said that Daniel anticipates working with the city on the project.

“We have been a part of Mountain Brook for the past 60 years and want to build a timeless project,” Evans said. “That is our vision.”

What do you think about the new Lane Park plans in the works? Comment below or email to let us know.

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