June 13 Mountain Brook City Council Meeting

In the pre-meeting starting at 5:30 p.m., Barry Copeland with the Birmingham Business Alliance gave a presentation and requested Mountain Brook’s participation in the Blueprint Birmingham Initiative, a growth strategy for the seven-county region. The council committed $5000 to the cause this year.

The executive director of The Literacy Council, Beth Wilder, explained the various budget cuts for the program across the state. This year, the City of Birmingham and Jefferson County have no funding to give to the Council. Wilder explained that there were many functionally illiterate people in central Alabama and this program works to match them with tutors so they will be able to help their children in school. The Council explained that they need to see evidence of prior contracts the program has had with other councils, but agreed to consider it in the summer budget overview.

The Liberty Tree Society approached the City of Mountain Brook and offered a Liberty Tree Memorial. The tree must be placed in a prominent location in the community and must have a ceremony to mark its planting. It will be free to the City, but the Council decided to look at specific locations and the details of the plaque offered with the tree before discussing it at the next meeting.

The Mountain Brook High School Athletic Complex Improvement Project is moving into Phase Five. According to the original plans, they would be $328,000 short of completing the project. Chris Eckroate suggested using only $100,000 to make the absolutely necessary changes—including expansion of the remaining building in order to stop paying $60,000 in rent for a facility in Cahaba Heights. This would also provide about 50 additional parking spaces. The Board of Education would like to defer Phase Six.

John Soule of Brasfield & Gorrie provided an update on the Montevallo Road bridge project. The team is beginning sewer line work and plan to repave on Saturday. Bricks and the sidewalk will begin to be laid on Thursday and the sidewalk will open early next week. September 2 is the firm deadline for the remainder of the project. The delays have cost the City, but Soule will continue working with AT&T in order to come to a compromise.

Jim Lehe presented the FEMA funds from Hurricane Ivan will be used for the Watkins Branch Flood Mitigation project. The latest deadline for this project is September 16.

The City Council Meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. began with approval of the May 23 minutes.

The Council approved a resolution authorizing Marcus Cable of Alabama, L.L.C., a Delaware limited liability company and successor to Marcus Cable of Alabama, L.P. (d.b.a. Charter Communications) to continue operating said cable system under the same terms and conditions of Ordinance No. 1302 until December 15.

The Council passed a resolution that ratified a Memorandum of Understanding between the Jefferson County Commission and the City of Mountain Brook regarding storm debris removal. Consight Services will be used for debris removal.

A new nail salon will be located at 3150 Overton Road. The addition of this business calls for more parking, and the salon owners suggested an off-site location that would be used as employee parking, adding 24 spaces. The Council gave its consent.

The Council gave its unanimous consent for an ordinance to rezone a property located along Brook Manor Drive from Residence D District to Planned United Development District.

The Council also gave its unanimous consent to rezone two partial lots, located at 2600 and 2604 Cherokee Road, from City Residence A District to Mountain Brook.

A new “Recreational-2” zoning district was created by unanimous consent. This ordinance amends Chapter 129 of the Mountain Brook City Code and the Council anticipates the Mountain Brook Club applying for this.

The next meeting of the Mountain Brook City Council will be held on Monday, June 27 at the temporary Mountain Brook City Hall located at 3928 Montclair Road, Suite 232, Mountain Brook, Ala. 35213.


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