Springalingadingdong returns



Continental Bakery owner Carole Griffin parades through English Village with Cameron Allen at last year’s Springalingadingding. Photo courtesy Shay Allen.

On  May 7 English Village will transform into a whimsical celebration of springtime reminiscent of those in European villages. Quirky and colorful, Springalingadingdong features parades, bread tosses, a beheading of Marie Antoinette and more. The local village festival is the creative expression of ringleader Carole Griffin and her team at Chez Lulu and Continental Bakery as a way to show appreciation for customers.

This year the Third Annual Springalingadingdong will be divided into kid-friendly daytime and more adult nighttime festivities like those at the original spring celebration for Continental Bakery’s 25th anniversary in 1999.

Both parts of the festival will start with a parade through English Village complete with Chad Fisher’s marching band and the event’s signature giant 12-foot puppets. The parades begin at 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. “My favorite thing in the whole world is a parade on a human scale where everyone participates,” Griffin said. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the parade, and children are encouraged to come in spring costumes such as butterflies and flowers.

From there, the parade participants dance around the Maypole and then witness the beheading of Marie Antoinette, a Chez Lulu tradition that is symbolic of the new life of springtime. Marie Antoinette enters behind with a mask cold and icy beir. After the beheading, she is covered in a blanket and then emerges as a spring queen with long flowing hair and no mask. “It’s clever, fun and funny,” Griffin said.

Other daytime festivities include a pie toss, mini bread toss, bread juggling, jump rope contest and hula hoop contest. “There’s nothing cuter than watching children hula hoop,” Griffin said. “It’s a joy to give them a stage to shine.”
Instead of a contest based on volume, a pie eating contest will require contests to pick out the Chez Lulu pie from an assortment of other pies based on taste. There will also be free “let them eat cake” cake for everyone.

Activities after dark are geared for silly adults, Griffin emphasized. The staff are brainstorming drink specials like Lulala, CucuLulu, Dingtini and Dongtini. Anyone can enter the campy Madame Lulu Pageant, which will be based on beauty and talent; call the bakery at 870-5584 if you are interested in participating.


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